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Students Activities

  1. Soft-skills programs aim at fostering character building and personality development.

  2. Extracurricular activities are in the areas of student's interests such as: sport, music and art, religious fellowship, etc.

  3. Internship programs offer students with practical experiences related to their academic option and career interest.

  4. Student exchange program enriches students with cross-cultural friendships and international work experience.

  5. Workshops and conferences update students with the latest development in the field of English language and literature.


Semesters 1-4

Students focus on developing their English proficiency and fundamental knowledge and skills in English Language and Literature in the first half of their study. By the end of semester four, students are not only proficient in the four English skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, but also knowledgeable about each area of the study options available to help them make a well-informed decision about the concentration field. The main courses include:

Speaking and Listening I-III
Reading and Writing I-III
English Grammar
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Linguistics
Foundation of Western Culture
Literary Genres
Second Language Learning and Teaching
Introduction to Translation/Interpreting
Introduction to Creative Writing
Critical and Creative Inquiry

Semesters 5-8

In the second half of their study, students are equipped with intensive instruction and workshops related to their career path and hands-on experiences in the work place. Students will have the opportunities to learn from experts in the field; practice their new skills in various workshops and internship programs. The university international network will also allow students to meet with new friends of different cultures and gain international experiences through exchange programs. The courses classified according to the concentration cover:

Creative Writing

Creative Writing I-II
Screenwriting and Playwriting
Creative Writing Internship
Research Method in Language and Literature


ESL Teacher Knowledge
World Englishes and Language Teaching
TESOL Internship


Translation and Interpreting I-II
Multimodal Translation
Translation and Interpreting Internship

Minor and elective courses will include but not limited to.

English for Business Purposes
Business Communication and Negotiation
Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
Extensive Reading
Foreign Languages
English for Journalistics Writing
Literary Publishing
Content and Language Integrated Learning
Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Literary Translation
Translation of Legal Documents

The integration of cutting-edge technology and e-learning in all of the courses will enable English Department students to catch up with the latest development in the field and to actively participate in the global eco-friendly movement. Character education and talent development are of the curriculum emphases to foster the students’ personal and professional growth.

Prior to their graduation, students will be provided with the opportunity to obtain additional certifications and references to win in a competitive job market including internationally recognized English proficiency test certificate such as TOEFL IBT or IELTS test, professional certification in their concentration field, and work references.

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