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 DSC0148To recharge the teaching skills, English Language Teaching in particular, English teachers from Junior and Senior High School of PENABUR Setempat gathered in a three-days training. This training was facilitated by PENABUR Foundation Jakarta and UKRIDA Department of English on 29-31 July 2015. The participants were from Penabur’s English teachers from Bandar Lampung, Bogor, Cianjur, Cimahi, Cirebon, Indramayu, Jatibarang, Serang, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya and Bandung.

On the first day, the training began with a morning prayer, and was followed by English Proficiency Test. The introduction session of the day was led by Miss Ignasia and assisted by Meyling; both are a lecturer and a student of 2014 UDE, respectively. The introduction session was filled with inspiring teaching video and presentation for 30 minutes. Then, the first session was Grammar teaching. After the first session ended, the participants had a lunch break together and were ushered to enjoy UKRIDA Learning Media Tour, accompanied by Pusat Media Pembelajaran (PMP). Another session that the participants had in the afternoon was about Vocabulary and Pronunciation teaching. This session was led by another lecturer of UDE, Miss Hanna. DSC0395

On the second day, began with a morning prayer, followed by some warming up activities added on the list. The starter activities were exciting, filled with songs and games—quite a perfect combination to start a new session of the training. The agenda for this second day consisted of sessions on teaching Reading, Writing and Listening. The Reading and Writing sessions were led by Miss Ignasia, while the Listening session was led by Miss Siegfrieda. There was a coffee break between the sessions, and participants enjoyed a profile video of UDE and UKRIDA, prepared by PMP and UKRIDA TV, during their lunch break. Overall, this second day of training was filled up with sessions that integrated various kinds of visual and audio teaching approaches.

 DSC0783On the last day, the training was slightly shorter than the first two days of this English Teacher Training. There was only one session held in the morning, which was about teaching Speaking. After the session ended, the participants were divided into small groups to have a microteaching performance as the assessment method of this training. The microteaching was lasted for two hours, assessed by someof the trainers. Before the closing ceremony, the Head of UDE, Miss Ira gave a closing presentation that summarized the overall contents and the importance of this training for the professional development of all participants as teachers. The two last agenda of the day were completing afeedback questionnaire, followed by closing ceremony where the participants received their training certificate and UKRIDA merchandise.




UKRIDA is now an official TOEFL® ITP test center. Following the MOU ratification between Ukrida and IIEF on July 17, 2014, Ukrida Department of English (UDE) organized a TOEFL® ITP Workshop for the public. The workshop included a talk on strategies on doing the TOEFL® ITP test and the TOEFL® ITP test simulation.

What is TOEFL® ITP?

TOEFL® has a long reputation worldwide as one of reliable standardized tests to measure English learners' language skills. The current versions of TOEFL® tests are TOEFL® iBT and TOEFL® ITP. Different from the internet based TOEFL® Test (TOEFL® iBT), which aimed at university level admissions, TOEFL® ITP serves various purposes.

The TOEFL® ITP consists of three sections: 1Listening Comprehension, 2Structure and Written Expression, 3Reading Comprehension. The first section contains 50 test items, the second 40 items, and the third 50 items.

The test scores range from 310 to 677.

Students can use TOEFL® ITP results to monitor their English learning progress; to apply for scholarship programs, admissions to non-degree programs, or jobs; and other international programs in which English is the medium of communication. If you are not required to present the TOEFL® iBT Test score, TOEFL® ITP is a smart option to take to demonstrate your English proficiency.



In addition to its reliability, convenience and affordability, TOEFL® ITP offers fast scoring and is now supplemented with performance feedback describing the type of tasks the test takers can typically do at their level. Certificates of achievement are also presented to test takers who earn a minimum score of 460 on the TOEFL® ITP test.



UKRIDA Department of English (UDE), under its language training center (ULTC) administer the TOEFL® ITP test in a convenient location and comfortable test rooms. The test center is on UKRIDA campus 1, located strategically near the Taman Anggrek and Central Park Malls in West Jakarta.

The center is supported with modern facilities and high-quality sound system to well cater for the test.

Students can also register for the Test preparation courses offered at the ULTC. Free consultation and test simulations are available for test taker candidates by appointment.

Click here to more information about our TOEFL ITP Schedule.


Also contact us or visit our office at:
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Soar on Wings Like Eagles

UKRIDA Department of English – New Student Orientation

Time flies. It seems only yesteday seeing new faces of the Ukrida Department of English first batch students. Like the firstborn, UDE students begin their four year journey this year, writing up stories that will become a part of the Ukrida English Department's history.

Coming from different ethnicities, schools and family backgrounds, UDE students share unique characteristics. They are warm, sociable, and artistic. They consider themselves as members of the Ukrida Department of English Family. Their talents in music and entertainment have stood out early in the orientation week.


The theme chosen for the orientation Soar on Wings Like Eagles suggests optimism that UDE students will work hard, never give up when faced with challenges, and be successful in their study. We hope their achievements will stand out from the crowd in fields related to their competencies and talents.

UDE students are thus expected to become individuals that are

1. Religious

2. Confident and Courteous

3. Technology Literate

4. Committed, Persistent, Reliable and Kind-Hearted

Religious Generations
UDE students started their orientation day with a prayer. Led by their seniors, who majored in psychology, they did a praise and worship passionately. They also participated in the University Monday Service. One of the habits nurtured, students are encouraged to open and close a program in a prayer. To respect pluralism, non-Christian believers are welcome to lead and say their prayer according to their religion.

The prayer was then followed by Introduction to UDE in which students were informed about UDE faculty members, curriculum and programs. The study program head, Mrs. Ira Rasikawati presented UDE curriculum including the four concentrations offered. Students will have the option of selecting concentrations such as: Creative Writing, English for Business Communication, Translation and Interpreting, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

To increase students' motivation to learn English and participate in international program, Calvin from the Civil Engineering Faculty was invited to share his experience becoming Ukrida representative going to the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA) conference in Taiwan. He presented his activities during the conference and suggested some tips to win Ukrida travel grant.

Confident and Courteous Individuals
ude2UDE students were taught to dress, look, act, and treat others gracefully. With the guidance of Puspita Martha (PM) International Beauty School instructors, students learned about personal care, hygiene, and grooming. They also learn how to dress up and wear make-up appropriately for the occasion.

During the workshop, students had the opportunity to learn and get the make-over from PM beauty experts. The students found it exciting that a little extra effort could significantly change their look. They also practiced how to greet and meet people with manners and other business etiquettes. Having these new skills, the students are expected to impress on other people with their confidence and courtesy.

ude3Technology Literate Learners
Being UDE students means mastering computer operations, word processing, graphics, multi-media, internet, email, and e-learning applications. Students were guided by the head and staff if Ukrida Learning Media Center to learn various technological and media applications to support their study, including operating google apps, developing blogs, and e-portofolio.

Through the use of moodle, students participate in online classrooms. They access their learning materials, upload their assignments, participate in online tests, virtual classes, and online forum discussions. Learning does not only take place in traditional classrooms but also virtual.

Committed – Persistent – reliable – Kind-Hearted Characters
On the last orientation day, students gathered in the auditorium to have motivational workshop led by the Secretary of Psychology Faculty, William Gunawan, S.Psi., M.Min., M.Si. They shared and addressed their fears as new students. They were motivated to live like eagles, overcoming fears and finding strategies to be successful students.

Students share their favorite foods in a potluck lunch. Some cuisines are unique, to name a few, Indonesian, Japanese, and Italian foods. Many are similar, students' favorites, fried foods such as fried noodles, fried rice, and fried chicken. They gathered before lunch to introduce their foods. That was their first presentation in English.

Following lunch, students were prepared to do their performances. They were given freedom to interpret the theme songs "Like Eagles, "Do Life Big", and "As for Me and My House." Nine groups particated: some of them sing and dance to the song, a few others added lyrics in other foreign languages, and others got themselved lost in the music.

After lunch, students voted for their class leaders: Demus Abetnego and Tomi Wijaya. They made an honor pledge, stating they would give their best to be outstanding UDE graduates. They made an artistic painting of a tree using fingers. This painting has been hung at the department's lobby, A building 8th Floor, to remind students of their commitment to study hard, to never give-up, be dependable, and kind-hearted graduates. UDEians, bring it on!

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