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ude03On this day, the first batch of UDE students (Year 2014) visited Lontar Foundation, a non-profit organization under the wing of Komunitas Utan Kayu, accompanied by their lecturers, as a part of the Introduction to Creative Writing course.

Established in 1987, Lontar's primary aim is to promote Indonesian literature and culture through the translation of Indonesian literary works. Its goal is to stimulate the further development of Indonesian literature; make Indonesian literature accessible to an international audience, and preserve Indonesia's literary record for future generations. Lontar is responsible for translating the greatest number of Indonesian works into English for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.

ude02Lontar is thus not simply a translating establishment; it tries to expand Anglophone transculturalism – the ‘trending’ issue as well as the most debated one in literary world – in multicultural Indonesia, as it promotes not only Indonesian canons, but also new Literature in a globalized world, something that English Literature students should be aware of.

During this visit, the students were given the chance to explore the Lontar Library, containing the gems of Indonesian literature already translated into English, and to discuss with John McGlynn, the chairman of the foundation, who has translated or edited over 100 works, including translations of several of works by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The lecture and question-answer session is closed with lunch together.


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 DSC0148To recharge the teaching skills, English Language Teaching in particular, English teachers from Junior and Senior High School of PENABUR Setempat gathered in a three-days training. This training was facilitated by PENABUR Foundation Jakarta and UKRIDA Department of English on 29-31 July 2015. The participants were from Penabur’s English teachers from Bandar Lampung, Bogor, Cianjur, Cimahi, Cirebon, Indramayu, Jatibarang, Serang, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya and Bandung.

On the first day, the training began with a morning prayer, and was followed by English Proficiency Test. The introduction session of the day was led by Miss Ignasia and assisted by Meyling; both are a lecturer and a student of 2014 UDE, respectively. The introduction session was filled with inspiring teaching video and presentation for 30 minutes. Then, the first session was Grammar teaching. After the first session ended, the participants had a lunch break together and were ushered to enjoy UKRIDA Learning Media Tour, accompanied by Pusat Media Pembelajaran (PMP). Another session that the participants had in the afternoon was about Vocabulary and Pronunciation teaching. This session was led by another lecturer of UDE, Miss Hanna. DSC0395

On the second day, began with a morning prayer, followed by some warming up activities added on the list. The starter activities were exciting, filled with songs and games—quite a perfect combination to start a new session of the training. The agenda for this second day consisted of sessions on teaching Reading, Writing and Listening. The Reading and Writing sessions were led by Miss Ignasia, while the Listening session was led by Miss Siegfrieda. There was a coffee break between the sessions, and participants enjoyed a profile video of UDE and UKRIDA, prepared by PMP and UKRIDA TV, during their lunch break. Overall, this second day of training was filled up with sessions that integrated various kinds of visual and audio teaching approaches.

 DSC0783On the last day, the training was slightly shorter than the first two days of this English Teacher Training. There was only one session held in the morning, which was about teaching Speaking. After the session ended, the participants were divided into small groups to have a microteaching performance as the assessment method of this training. The microteaching was lasted for two hours, assessed by someof the trainers. Before the closing ceremony, the Head of UDE, Miss Ira gave a closing presentation that summarized the overall contents and the importance of this training for the professional development of all participants as teachers. The two last agenda of the day were completing afeedback questionnaire, followed by closing ceremony where the participants received their training certificate and UKRIDA merchandise.


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