UDE Creative Writing Workshop: I Conduct the Future Journalistics

20 September 2018
Author :   Emanuella C. Natalia

12To balance the theories and the current practices, UKRIDA Department of English (UDE) invited a professional practitioner as a guest lecturer session on 21 of March 2018. Our guest lecturer this time was Bapak Nur Dhian Santoso, SPT, Executive  Producer of Metro TV. This coaching clinic is to accommodate all Creative Writing Classes. Creative Writing class nature is a class where the students are exposed by a variety of writing and get the chance of tasting it. This activity is followed by more or less sixty students from all UDE batch and UKRIDA TV personnel. The lecture was divided into two parts. In the first session, the students were asked to make News Feature which involved their ability in searching for trending news and statistic within forty minutes. The second session enhances the students’ knowledge on CGI (Computer-Generated Image) and Camera Angles as they are operated as a front page on printed and audio-visual camera.

The students, later on, had to present their works to the public. It was then lead the class to compete and exhibit their work on the Meravigliose Aspettative exhibition. This exhibition was done to help the students exhibit their works and felt proud of it. Meravigliose Aspettative (: Harapan yang Indah) is a mind-changing paradigm in three common issues: Tolerance, Peace, and Equality. By creating poems on the base of the three issues above, UDE students hope that through this exhibition they are able to change the world’s paradigm.

2The activities did not stop at the exhibition. They also had a competition over their journalistic works that were made during ICTF. The winners of this competition have shown the works through the exhibition and also got the chance to join live OPSI (09 March 2018) at Metro TV as a reward.  As a lecturer, I am very proud of the students' effort and their capabilities in writing poems. I do hope that this activity will continue to be supported by UDE through the next batches to come.


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