Exploring Students’ Creative Writing through UDE Writing Exhibition

08 January 2018
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As the concluding project of Reading and Writing III course in the previous odd semester, UDE students from Batch 2016 and a few from Batch 2014 organised their first Writing Exhibition. During the semester, they had been working hard in producing two major writing pieces: children’s picture storybooks and a three-lined Japanese poetry known as haiku. In order to celebrate their learning achievements and to appreciate their hard work and commitment in these writing projects, I supervised the students to organise their own Writing Exhibition. The event was held on Friday, 15 December 2017, at the Auditorium Lobby of the Faculty of Medicine. The exhibition was organised alongside UKRIDA’s Christmas celebration.

Exploring Students Creative Writing through UDE Writing ExhibitionMany guests attending the Christmas celebration also visited the students’ Writing Exhibition. Students, lecturers, staff and other visitors from outside of UKRIDA walked around the Auditorium Lobby to take a look and read the children’s picture storybooks and haiku. Some of the visitors also took time to interact with the students, who are the authors and illustrators of the works being displayed in the exhibition. It was a good experience for students to see people actually take notice of and appreciate their works. Overall, the Writing Exhibition went well, both during the preparation period and during the D-day. As a follow-up of the children’s picture storybook project, currently the storybook manuscripts are still in the reviewing process for publication by Andi Publishing.

Exploring Students Creative Writing through UDE Writing Exhibition1In the future, UDE may conduct regular exhibitions like this one as an opportunity to display students’ best works to a wider audience, both to Ukridians and non-Ukridians. Conducting exhibition for students’ works will help them to be more aware of their learning progress and achievements. Besides, as people from different backgrounds will visit and take a look at students’ works, the students will have an opportunity to get more feedbacks on their works, which will also expand their point of views towards their own works. All of these, in some ways, might inspire and encourage them to keep on developing and improving their English skills in the future.

Hanna Juliaty
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