Alumni Testimony

I was the first batch of UDE student in 2014 and I was one of the first batch of UDE graduates in 2018. Before graduation, I was accepted as an Operational Staff of tracking administration in a private logistic company located in Tanjung Priok. The impression of being Ukridian is out of the world for me. I learn how to see the bigger picture of everything I face everyday. Besides, the value of integrity is also something I obtained while learning at UDE. The environment was also very friendly, communication between lecturers and students are maintained not only inside the class, but also in my daily life as a student. The most valuable experience that helped me throughout my career life is integrity. Through integrity, I learn to do things the at the very best that I'm capable of. It helps me to work profesionally and adapt faster in my workplace. Paint your purpose with passion and try out new things, life is too short to hold yourself back.

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